6 Tips to Store Sea Moss Gel and Preserve its Quality

The whole world is singing praises of the red algae known as sea moss. This nutrient powerhouse is rich in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that help manage the adverse symptoms of health conditions such as thyroid issues, metabolism, acne, hypertension, and more. 

Wellness enthusiasts everywhere are incorporating sea moss into their diet. Sea moss can be consumed in many forms – dried, capsules, gel – and the health benefits will remain the same. However, the most diverse uses are attributed to sea moss gel, and today we’ll tell you how to store sea moss gel properly to preserve its quality and extend its shelf-life. 

  • Avoid Contact with Air and Moisture

The most important aspect of preserving sea moss is to keep it away from moisture and air. Both these factors cause the gel to lose its nutritional value. So, always store your sea moss in an air-tight utensil. A transparent container with a label displaying the ‘date of refrigeration’ is best since you can see the gel and catch any visible worrying changes in time.

  • Glass Containers are the Best Choice

Speaking of transparent containers, an air-tight glass jar is best for storing sea moss gel. Plastic containers leach chemicals into their occupants, compromising their quality. Also, glass containers are easier to rinse and wash and don’t retain odors, so your gel won’t start tasting fishy! 

  • Refrigeration is Best, But Don’t Freeze it!

Refrigeration keeps sea moss gel good for longer. Why? That’s because cold temperature slows down the growth of microbes that cause spoilage and help the sea moss retain its nutrients and texture. 

Having said that, don’t freeze sea moss gel. Freezing and thawing cause a loss of texture and nutritional content and make the gel watery and loose. 

  • Carefully Remove the Gel from its Container 

If you want to scoop up some gel from the container, make sure you use a clean and dry utensil to do so. This will prevent contamination and exposure to moisture and will keep the gel fresh for longer. 

  • Keep Away from Sunlight

Like moisture and air, exposure to sunlight will also compromise the nutritional quality of sea moss. Hence, keep your precious storage container in a cool, dark, and dry place, preferably at the back of the refrigerator. 

  • 6. Use Within Two Weeks

Last but not least, use your stored sea moss gel within two weeks of preparation. Any longer than this window will result in the nutrient profile declining. Make and store small batches of sea moss gel so that you can utilize them in time.

So, there you have it, 6 ways to store sea moss gel properly to preserve its nutritional profile and reap health benefits. If you’re looking for various varieties and flavors of sea moss, shop online now at Herbal Vineyards – vendors of 100% raw, wildcrafted, and premium sea moss! 

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