If You Are Zinc Deficient, Start Taking Sea Moss

People all around the world have started taking sea moss more seriously. Several reasons make this spiny sea vegetable a superfood. Although more scientific research needs to be conducted on the matter that still doesn't take away the fact that it contains tons of nutrients that are super beneficial for human health.

It's a common fact that sea moss contains 92 of the most essential minerals that our bodies are made of, including calcium, iron, and zinc. People that face deficiencies in their bodies have started consuming it. So if you are zinc deficient, this is the time for you to start thinking about this amazing supplement.

A 20 gram serving of sea moss contains:

  • 10% (of the DV) Iron
  • 7% (of the DV) Magnesium
  • 4% (of the DV) Zinc

Zinc helps our bodies in plenty of ways. First, it's the second most abundant mineral that's found in human bodies. Secondly, it's responsible for over 300 activities and helps us in different ways including having a better metabolism, digestion, and verve functions. Thirdly, it's present in every cell in our bodies. This means that our bodies rely on zinc because of its involvement in cell growth. 

This mineral also has other benefits like it helps skin health. That is why it's considered one of the key ingredients in the cosmetic industry. Apart from that, it's also fundamental to DNS synthesis and plays a major role in protein production.

Another commonly known fact is that it boosts the immune system. A collective review of studies showed that 80-90 mg of zinc intake per day helps in reducing the duration of the common cold

Similarly, it also helps in reducing the risks of infections and supports the immune responses in adults. 

Another fact about zinc is that it is commonly used in clinics and hospitals, all over the world, to treat skin injuries and burns as it accelerates wound healing. 

Although severe zinc deficiencies are rare but milder forms of deficiencies are quite common. They are found especially in children and are often developed because of the lack of important nutrients in diets. Here are some of the people that may be zinc deficient without even knowing:

  • People that have gastrointestinal diseases including Crohn’s disease
  • People who are strict vegans
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding women
  • Breastfed infants 
  • People with chronic kidney diseases
  • People with sickle cell anemia
  • People who overdo or abuse alcohol

If you fall in any of the above-listed people, there is a chance that you may be zinc deficient. Even, if you don't there is still no harm in wanting to get a better and healthier life. Over the internet, you can find plenty of zinc-rich foods and one of them is sea moss. You can start from today and notice changes in your body for good because sea moss acts as a supplement and may do wonders for us all.





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