Integrating Sea Moss into Your Diet

Sea moss – the famous algae hailed by health enthusiasts and nutritionists around the world. You’ve probably heard the merit list for this super-food; improves thyroid system, boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, aids digestion, helps with skin issues and the list goes on. 

After everything that’s been said and claimed about sea moss, we’re sure you want to try this amazing and beneficial seaweed for yourself.

However, you’re probably wondering how to make it a part of your existing dietary regimen.

Let’s get some information on that.

But before we begin, let us remind you: like any over-the-counter supplement, sea moss products are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Nonetheless, nutritionists have repeatedly stated that there’s no harm in adding sea moss in small quantities to your diet as an additional health supplement. 

For instance, begin by adding one serving (i.e. one teaspoon) of sea moss to a smoothie for a week and see if you feel any difference.

And on that note, let’s dive into today’s topic.

Things to Consider Before Adding Sea Moss to Your Diet

Okay, so two things to remember if you’re considering adding sea moss to your diet:

  • It is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, since there isn’t enough research on how it can affect the fetus. 
  • If you’re taking thyroid medication, be careful to incorporate sea moss into your diet since it is extremely rich in iodine and may negatively affect your condition.

How to IntegrateSea Moss into Your Diet?

When it comes to adding sea moss to your diet, the algae is available in three forms: raw, powder, and gel

You can add all three forms to smoothies, drinks, salads, and even baked sweet or savory food, whatever makes you happy. 

Here are a few basic guidelines on how to use whatever form is available to you:

  • If you're using raw sea moss, wash it thoroughly to remove all the dust and then soak it in water for a minimum of 12 hours or overnight to rehydrate. Once that’s done, toss the desired amount (about 2 tablespoons is a good start) into a blender along with your preferred ingredients for a healthy smoothie and blend till smooth. Enjoy your drink and let the moss do its magic!

  • For powdered and gel forms, simply skip the above steps of washing and rehydrating and add about one teaspoon to your blender since the forms are far more concentrated.

Bottom Line

Sea moss is regarded as being a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals and has proven, despite limited research, to be effective in improving health. 

With experts suggesting that you start with a small amount and see what it does for you, you'll want to go through our product list and find something that sticks out for you.

So pick something today and add a delicious sea moss smoothie to your dietary routine!



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