Is Sea Moss a Functional Food?

In a world where everybody is health conscious and looking to balance their work and personal life, one needs more than just-food. A food that is not only rich in all the essential ingredients that fast-food lacks but also additional nutrients, vitamins and amino acids that dieticians call essential for a busy life. We know such types of food as functional foods. 

A functional food provides the nutrients that we sometimes overlook, and gradually the body gets weaker and weaker. 

But where do we find these functional miracle foods, and are these real? Real! Yes, functional foods are natural and are great for your health, but they are mostly not natural but synthesised. This doesn't mean they are not beneficial, but they lack the benefits and the raw ingredients in a perfect balance. However, nature is not oblivious to the people who look for things. Research indicates that sea moss is one such natural, organic and easy to find food that can be categorised as a functional food. People have used sea moss since antiquity for various reasons, including supplementing their diet and gaining something extra from their food. It is found in almost all seas and warm oceans of the world, and its processing and cultivation industry is worth 5 billion dollars annually. 

It has been consumed by the Asian cultures, Chinese, Japanese, English and North American, for its beneficial properties. But what makes it so unique?

Glad you asked. There are dozens of reasons why we can call it functional food. 

Full of proteins and peptides:

Several research papers have proved that sea moss is a healthy combination of all the proteins and peptides needed by the body for normal working. Moreover, even the amount of the proteins is the same as an egg, indicating that it can be used daily as a regular diet. 

Essential Amino Acids (EAA) 

Essential amino acids are the ten amino acids that must be part of a diet for the body to work normally. These amino acids contain the sulphur-containing amino acid-like methionine, the AA without which not even a single protein can form in your body. From your lean muscle to enzymes, which means taking sea moss regularly will provide you with enough supply of the building blocks of proteins required by a healthy body. 

Vitamins and minerals 

What diet is without minerals like calcium, sulphur, potassium and magnesium? These minerals are found in abundance in sea moss. Thus, it also regulates your body's hormones and brain function. Similarly, vitamins are also essential for your body which are also found in a perfect amount in sea moss products. 

How difficult is it to get sea moss functional food?

Sea moss is the easiest thing you can find online. But you need to be aware that natural sea moss is the best diet, not the formulated and over-processed. Herbal Vineyard offers all-natural sea moss products to you cost-effectively to always remain healthy. 


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