Is Sea Moss Good for Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic public health concern that affects many people worldwide, and more than half of those suffering from this disease are unaware of it. Therefore, nearly 7 million diabetic people in the United States remain misdiagnosed. It is expected that by the year 2025, the number of people with diabetes will have risen to 300 million.

Sea moss - Sargassum oligocystum anti-diabetic effect

Numerous natural-based substances have anti-diabetic properties. The marine brown algae species have been identified as a rich source of extractable bioactive chemicals such as pigments, fucoidans, and polyphenols, all of which have anti-diabetic properties. A sea moss, Sargassum oligocystum is a brown macroalga found in tropical seas and oceans' shallow waters and coral reefs. Sargassum species have antioxidant, hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. In light of the previously established therapeutic values for S. oligocystum, Its anti-diabetic activity was postulated in an animal model due to the common metabolic pathways of diabetes with several disorders described. A study conducted by researchers in 2018 in animal models showed that compounds present in one species of seaweed were found to directly reduce signs of type 2 diabetes, such as elevated blood sugar. 

Why is sea moss the best solution for diabetes?

Fibre-rich diets may aid in the treatment of diabetes. This is because a high fibre diet helps manage blood sugar and insulin levels. Adding seaweed to one's diet can assist increase fibre intake without adding a lot of calories. This is because sea moss is naturally low in sugar and fats and contains plant proteins with anti-diabetic properties.

  • Previous studies show that there is a direct link between zinc and diabetes. In addition, most people of elderly age are affected by this disease due to a deficiency of Zn. In this case, sea moss can assist your system in obtaining a significant level of natural zinc.
  • Secondly, sea mosses are also a rich magnesium source, which is crucial in maintaining blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Therefore, we can say that when the quantity of magnesium in your body is enhanced, you have a better chance of controlling diabetes.
  • However, when you have adequate iodine in your system, every condition associated with a slow metabolism is rectified. Food will be burned as energy rather than stored as fat in your body. Sea moss includes natural iodine, which aids in treating and managing diabetes.

Final Thoughts 

The findings presented above show that the significance of sea moss in the treatment of diabetes cannot be underestimated. So, start taking it right now to boost your health. You will be surprised at the positive influence on your health. So, get your daily dosage of vitamins and minerals from this superfood available at Herbal Vineyards.


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