Sea Moss and Parkinson's Disease - What's the Connection?

At this point, most of us are well aware of all the goodness that sea moss contains. Sure it needs more research to back the anecdotal evidences but the fact remains that the Irish moss does carry of the most essential minerals that our bodies need.

Ever since the Kardashian made a post regarding involving sea moss in the smoothie, the health conscious community has been completely charged and is bursting information all over the internet. Although some people might think of sea moss as something that’s more of a supplement, no one is denying that it sure is a superfood that can help us in plenty of ways we can’t even imagine. It’s already known to work with a lot of conditions including medical, remedial and as well as it’s now a key component in the cosmetic industry.

The consumption of sea moss might be something new for us but it’s certainly not for the people that have been living their lives in the coastal regions of the world. It’s unfortunately that the use of sea moss is centuries old but the scientists have just started working on the medical benefits of this incredible sea vegetable.

As for Today, here is What we Know

According to one Canadian study, sea moss can play a neuroprotective role in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease. The team was able to find out that apart from being a functional food, Chondruscrispus might well be used as an anti-neurodegenerative drug in humans. All this in simple words mean that using sea moss may help us in preventing Parkinson’s disease.

Another study was published in the Journal of Marine Drugs in 2015, according to which, the researchers found that the spiny seaweed protects the brain cells from neurodegenerative effects like Parkinson’s disease. The study tells us that when the extracts from sea moss were introduced to them, signs of stiffness and slowness of movements were reduced. They further explained "We demonstrated that dietary supplementation of the worms with an extract from the cultivated red seaweed Chondrus crispus decreased the accumulation of α-synulein and protected the worms from the neuronal toxin-, 6-OHDA, induced dopaminergic neurodegeneration…"

All these studies tell us that there’s indeed some deep connection between sea moss and the prevention of Parkinson’s disease. For now, we might not be sure what it is but what we are sure about is that sea moss really is something incredible and it’s surely a gift from nature.

Adding sea moss to our daily lives might not harm us in any way but it surely can help us in a lot of ways. We can add it to our desserts, smoothies, even look for recipes to eat it raw or we can apply it on our skin. No matter what we do with it, as long as we are consuming it in anyway, it may prove pretty beneficial for us. It’s about time that we should start making changes for the things that matter the most.


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