Sea Moss as an Aphrodisiac for Men

Consuming red algae-derived superfood makes you hot? No? Well, the men in the Caribbean would surely disagree with you! The sea moss is regarded as a natural sexual stimulant for men all the way from Mexico to Barbados. Thanks to the internet, now this red algal superfood is being rumored to possess aphrodisiac properties and is turning the heads of quite a lot of Non-Caribbean men. 

Seaweed is specifically claimed to enhance testosterone levels, and raise the sperm count which in turn is proposed to aid fertility. Quite recently sea moss has been gaining a lot of popularity among couples who've been trying to conceive for a long time. 

But these are all mere assertions! Stay with us, and together we'll unravel the authenticity of these claims and see what the research has to say about them. 

Sea Moss Nutritional Value 

Sea moss is organically rich with a lot of essential nutrients, which in turn are responsible for conferring various health perks. These natural elements include potassium, calcium, iodine, magnesium, and sodium, which make sea moss a literal panacea for all the maladies. It is proposed by many that being such a rich source of nutrients makes it a natural aphrodisiac, which can either be swallowed or drank in a smoothie to improve fertility. 

  • Zinc is the real hero; working tirelessly to improve libido!

The proposed sexual benefits offered by sea moss are contributed by higher levels of zinc. Zinc is proclaimed to affect overall testosterone production. Greater testosterone production indicates greater libido, and higher sperm count, which in turn helps with conceiving. Seems simple right? Well, it’s not that plain. As the research does indicate the presence and excess of these nutrients in Sea Moss, its effects on testosterone production, and sperm count is not substantiated. Furthermore, singularly testosterone isn’t involved in the improvement of sexual desire, as many other factors also contribute to that. 

  • Folate and Calcium; sea moss the ultimate package

According to Keri Gray, a Canadian dietician specializing in diet and fertility, seaweed is rich in folate, B vitamins, and calcium due to which is proposed to confer health advantages. 

  • Animal fertility is more important than humans? 

Well no! However, the fertility-based effects of algae have been more closely studied in animals than humans. One such research conducted in 2016, investigated the sexual benefits conferred by algae in the boars. While assessing the sexual, nutritional, and health benefits offered by algae the primary limitation is the identification of the portion of that nutritional component that will affect, and understanding their interaction with the human system. 

Even though we couldn't back these declarations with plentiful scientific research, we've still got the word of Jamaican men! And by the looks of it, it seems that it's pretty much self-sufficient. So trying a little sea moss wouldn't really harm anybody, would it? You can consult your doctor before using the product to avoid any side effects particular to your condition. 

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