Sea Moss Gel vs. Capsule – What’s the Difference?

Sea moss, the new super-food everyone’s going crazy about, is a plethora of nutrients and essential minerals and vitamins.

If you’re thinking of trying sea moss and are looking into some products, you might come across a possible decision – sea moss gel or sea moss capsules?

Wondering what’s the difference? Well, today we’ll be discussing just that.

Making Sea Moss Gel

Making sea moss is a simple but intricate process. It involves the following steps:

  • Soak the sea moss in water for a few hours. This allows it to absorb water and swell to a least three times its original size.
  • Once considerably expanded, the sea moss is thoroughly washed and cleaned to remove any ocean salt and debris. 
  • Lastly, it is mixed with adequate water and blended to form a smooth and creamy paste. The latter is then transferred to an air-tight container and refrigerated till required.

Making Sea Moss Capsules

Unlike making sea moss gel, capsules are easier and quicker to produce. 

After harvesting the sea moss from the ocean, it is thoroughly washed and dried. The latter is then grinded to form a fine powder and encapsulated. 

Sea Moss Gel vs. Capsules – The Differences

There are three basic distinctions between sea moss gel and capsules:

Method of Preparation – As mentioned previously, sea moss gel is made by soaking the algae in water until it expands. It is then thoroughly cleaned, blended with water until smooth, and refrigerated. Capsules do not go through these steps.

Method of Consumption – Sea moss gel can be consumed in many ways; it can be added to salads, blended into a smoothie, and even consumed whole if you’re very adventurous. It is perfect for those who can’t or don’t like to swallow pills. As with capsules, they need to be swallowed with any liquid, and have no flavor for picky eaters.

Shelf-life – Sea moss gel needs to be stored in an air-tight container in the fridge where it can survive for up to 3 weeks. More conveniently, sea moss capsules simply need to be kept in a cool, dry place, in an airtight container and can last for as long as two years.

Convenience – Sea moss gel can be used as a face mask, applied directly onto the skin, or simply added to your favorite recipes to make them more wholesome and nutritious. For capsules, they can be taken at anywhere, any time. Also, they’re comparatively easier to transport and store.

Bioavailability – Sea moss capsules have a higher bioavailability as compared to gels, meaning only a single capsule will provide the same potency and effect as compared to a big helping of sea moss gel.

Potency – Unlike gels, sea moss capsules provide the same potency each time. This makes it easier to keep track of consumption and prevents over-loading on nutrients. 


Sea moss gel or capsules – it eventuallyboils down to your dietary preference and lifestyle. 

If you’re looking for something more consistent and convenient, sea moss capsules are the way to go.

If you’re into smoothies and desserts, then sea moss gel is the delicious choice for you. Check out some amazing sea moss gel products here and treat yourself with a helping of vitamins and nutrients!

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