Sea Moss Improves Gut Health & Reduces Constipation During Pregnancy

Women are familiar with the symptoms of pregnancy, such as constipation, gastrointestinal disruption, frequent urination, and a variety of other symptoms. When you combine that with other smaller and larger things, you get some of the most unsettling periods for a pregnant woman, but the payoff is that heart-filled ecstasy that only a mother understands. We can't help with many of these issues, but we can help with issues related to the gut, such as constipation and gut disruption. 


How? Let's get into it.

Sea moss is one of the most ground-breaking, no-side-effects products available right now. Sea moss is a small marine herb that grows on the rocky coasts of the Atlantic Ocean. Because of its medicinal properties, it is well recognised around the world, particularly in Chinese and Asian medicine. Along the rocky Atlantic coastal coasts, it has been used for centuries for its various advantages, including preventing flu, improving immunity, fighting oxidants, soothing skin, and many more. Its safety is one of its finest attributes, since it has been suggested for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.


How does it reduce gut problems?

You've probably heard of prebiotics and probiotics. Both are beneficial to your gut health since they boost the number of healthy bacteria in your body (intestines). They aid in the prevention of excessive water and nutrient absorption from your colon, as well as the production of compounds that are beneficial to your overall health. Sea moss is prebiotic, which means it contains laxatives and fibres that aid digestion and help pass toxins and waste through your body fast (intestines). They are not digestible in and of themselves, but they help to expand the population of beneficial bacteria that thrive on it, providing all of the advantages of a healthy supplement.

Furthermore, because it is beneficial to the microflora of gut bacteria, the bacteria flourish on it, providing you with extra protection from good bacteria in your gut.

What question remains is, is it safe for pregnant women?

According to research, sea moss, as well as all fibres and prebiotic diets and supplements, are not only safe to consume, but also necessary for this period. It also decreases stress and depression, which are common during pregnancy. Its favourable effects are also seen in the vast variety of general health advantages it provides.

It is also significant since the mother's constipation might restrict the foetus’s intake of necessary nutrients and raise stress on its body. This is by no means detrimental to the baby's growth. So decreasing constipation during pregnancy is critical for a healthy baby and mother, and sea moss is the healthiest and most natural option in such situations.

Start your healthy gut journey today

Herbal Vineyard offers the best relief for your gut and constipation related problems and is beneficial for many other things. Get a bag of natural sea moss. Call us today and let you give yourself a natural pre-biotic. 


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