Sea Moss is Good for Your Joints

Taking care of your body is crucial especially in times like these when COVID-19 is rampant.

Working from home is also increasingly preferred nowadays and this calls for health precautions in order to avoid the risks of a sedentary lifestyle.

The biggest challenge that young and middle-aged people come across in today’s lifestyle is the swelling and stiffness of joints, preferably due to sitting in the same spot and posture for a long time. 

This condition of joints is known as arthritis which usually leads by pain and tenderness in the joints.

Adults are more prone to developing joint complications such as osteoarthritis, due to breakdown of joint collagen, and rheumatoid arthritis, due to self-attack of the body that destroys the joint lining. 

Luckily, there is something that staves off the risk of joint dysfunction and reduces the complications.  We are talking about sea moss that efficiently regulates the health of your joints. 

You must be wondering that how can sea moss be good for your joints? What are the mechanics behind it? 

Let’s find some evidence on the relationship between sea moss and joint wellness. 

Sulfated Alginate, Isoflavones &Omega Fatty Acids – the Key Constituents

The cell wall of sea moss is jam-packed with sulfated alginate that reduces the inflammatory chemicals inside the body and resolves the joint inflammation.

The essential omega fatty acids present inside red seaweed can suppress joint swelling. Furthermore, it helps in the alleviation of stiffness with improved mobility of the joints. 

Elevated levels of free radicals also result in rheumatoid arthritis and play a major role in the worsening of this condition as well. Sea moss is rich in isoflavones, such as daidzein or genistein, the anti-oxidants with extensive anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

These antioxidants, along with biotin and lutein, downregulate the inflammatory signals and help relieve the swollen joints. What’s more is that it also relieves the inflammatory joint pain caused by oxidative radical damage. 

Best Time to Take Sea Moss for Joint Health?

Drinking sea moss smoothies post-exercise helps in better protection of your joints and boosts their flexibility. Supplementing with sea moss products alongside your arthritis medication produces the best results in alleviating the inflammation. 

Final Thoughts

Sea moss is a multi-beneficial food that possesses rejuvenating properties to keep your joints in prime condition.

You can ward-off all the stiffness and pain from your life by simply blending the Irish moss with water or making smoothies.

Give a try to our sea moss products and experience it for real today. 



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