Sea Moss: Myths and Facts

Sea moss has gained much popularity recently courtesy of the nutrient-dense profile this alga has. More and more people are showing interest in sea moss's magical properties. But as is the case with nearly everything that becomes popular, sea moss, too, has become a victim of rumors and gossip. And while gossip is good for popularity, it does a lot of damage to credibility. We can't see that happening to our beloved moss, can we? So, we will separate sea moss facts from myths in this brief.

Myth Number One: Sea Moss Isn't A Cure All

Sea moss has an amazing nutrient profile. Minerals, vitamins, and bioactive compounds in this algae make it nothing short of a superfood. But superfoods are just that, you know. Superfood, that's all. Such has been the hype for sea moss that some have started to regard sea moss as some kind of cure-all. It is not a superfood; some researchers don't even call it that.

Myth Number Two: Sea Moss Is A Substitute for Medicines

Take a weighing balance. On the one side, put your prescribed medicines and sea moss on the other. Now we have news for you; both ends can never be the same. Sea moss has a great number of beneficial properties, but it is never going to be a substitute for prescribed medication. Always follow the word of your healthcare professional, and after seeking their opinion, you can add sea moss to your diet. Certainly, sea moss salads are hardly a replacement for pharmaceutical drugs!

Myth Number Three: Sea Moss Is Instant

We understand that today's world is a world of quick fixes. All of us expect our problems to vanish in a matter of minutes, courtesy of modern-day technological advancements. Healthcare has been revolutionized to a great extent as well. But foods with beneficial properties don't work like that, do they? You might be hopeful for sea moss to show its promised potential in a matter of days, but it could be weeks or months before you start feeling the benefits of this incredible algae.

The Takeaway

Myth number four that we haven't discussed with you: you can compromise on the quality, and it will not matter at all. That is not at all true, all capitals! You must consume quality sea moss and sea moss-derived products; one place you can find them all is Herbal VineyardsIt is your number-one stop for premium sea moss products.


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