Sea Moss Pancakes

Sea moss pancakes are nothing short of a delicious and nutritious twist on a traditional breakfast. Also known as the Irish moss, this seaweed has recently touched unprecedented heights of fame, courtesy of the vitamins and minerals it is packed with. Soups, stews, drinks, and now breakfast, sea moss is making its presence felt everywhere. In this brief, we will share the recipe for making perfect sea moss pancakes and how you stand to benefit from the many health benefits they offer. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.


Here are the ingredients that you will need to make the sea moss pancakes:

1- Sea moss

2- Flour

3- Baking powder

4- Salt

5- Eggs

6- Milk

7- Vanilla extract


1- The first step in making sea moss pancakes is to prepare the sea moss. The first step is to soak the dried sea moss in water; the objective is to soak it till it becomes all soft and pliable.

2- The next step is to rinse the sea moss thoroughly and blend it with fresh water. The idea is to blend it till it assumes a gel-like consistency. It is this gel that will be used in the pancake batter so that it assumes a unique texture and will endow the pancakes with nutrients.

3- Now, we are going to make pancake batter. To make it, you will need flour, salt, eggs, baking powder, milk, vanilla extract, and the sea moss gel. Mix all of these ingredients till you have a smooth batter. Courtesy of the sea moss gel, your batter will be green.

4- Ladle the mixture onto a hot non-stick pan, and cook the pancakes till they bubble on the surface. Flip and cook the pancakes till they turn golden brown. Serve the pancakes with any toppings you are partial to, such as maple syrup.

Sea Moss Health Benefits

Here are some of the many health benefits that sea moss offers you:

1- It supports your immune system.

2- It is an excellent pick if you are looking for something to support your thyroid function.

3- Sea moss is an excellent choice for cardiac health.

4- Sea moss can also keep your blood sugar levels in check.

5- The health effects of sea moss on our gut health are well established.

Final Thoughts

Our concluding remarks are going to be about the sources from where you can get sea moss. There are plenty of offline and online markets from where you can get this extremely popular seaweed. But one place that stands out amongst the rest is Herbal VineyardsHead over there now and access the best quality seaweed!  

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