Sea Moss – The Fertility Powerhouse

Years into the marriage and not being able to conceive a baby? We know you are going through a lot. The medical problem, mental trauma, and social pressure associated with infertility are hard to deal with. But worry not; we are here to make things easy for you.

Sea moss has long been used medicinally to treat several ailments ranging from low sex drive to respiratory infections. But what we are concerned about today is the claim regarding fertility.

In this article, we will see why sea moss is linked to fertility and how it can increase the chances of conception. 

So, let’s begin!

Sea Moss and Fertility:

The red alga – sea moss has long been touted to affect male and female fertility. It is common among Caribbean men who use it as an aphrodisiac. They suggest sea moss can turn you on and increase your sperm count. 

But what does science say about it? Well, the evidence that sea moss is directly linked to fertility is scarce. But, it contains the essential nutrients that are essential for your fertility.

Let’s discuss how sea moss affects fertility in couples.

Sea Moss and Women Fertility:

Sea moss is a super nutrient box that helps women to conceive and not only that; it maintains your and fetal health in pregnancy. Doctors often recommend several vitamins and minerals in pregnancy, and sea moss is what you need. 

Sea moss is rich in nutrients that are particularly important for women aspiring to conceive. These are:


Vitamin B9, or folate supplementation, is an essential part of your pregnancy journey. Therefore, your folate requirement increases in this period. Research says that folate deficiency can cause abnormal development in your child. Moreover, it also causes tiredness and lack of hemoglobin – anemia in mothers.

And sea moss is what you need to keep all these at bay. It contains 182 micrograms of folate in just a 100gram. As a result, sea moss may vanish most of your worries associated with conception.


You would have surely heard of pregnancy loss - common when the body doesn't get its required nutrients. For example, iron deficiency increases the risk of pregnancy complications leading to miscarriage. But, iron supplements can show positive outcomes promoting fetal health and the mother's wellbeing.

Sea moss contains about 9 mg of iron per 100grams. Therefore, consuming sea moss products will help you to maintain your required levels for conception.


Iodine is an essential mineral for women struggling with infertility. It affects your ovaries, uterus, and reproductive hormones. Research suggests the high concentration of iodine improves conception rates in couples with unexplained infertility.

Iodine deficiency is common in women of childbearing age, especially those living in iodine-deficient areas. Sea moss supplementation in this period can reverse reproductive problems. The natural seaweed is rich in mineral iodine, increasing the chances of conception.

Note: The higher concentration of all these nutrients may cause problems in some individuals, so test your existing levels to prevent complications.

Secondly, we do not say that consumption of sea moss can lead to pregnancy. It just fulfills your bodys’ nutrient requirement or a healthy pregnancy.

Sea Moss and Men Fertility:

Sea moss is an excellent food for increasing fertility in men as well. As said earlier, Caribbean men use sea moss for increasing sexual desire and treating low libido. In addition, consuming sea moss may improve prostate health, sperm count, and low sexual drive in men. But, the scientific evidence regarding sea moss increasing fertility is minimum until now.

However, sea moss contains ingredients that affect male fertility.  Studies show that zinc in sea moss is essential for male sexual hormones. Therefore, zinc is a necessary micronutrient with the potential to prevent, diagnose and treat male infertility. 

Final Comments:

People suggest various remedies for treating infertility. Always consult a medical specialist before trying any new product. Scientific evidence regarding sea moss is scarce, but it is undoubtedly full of nutrients that can help you get a healthy body - a must for conceiving. So, grab your pack from the Herbal Vineyards today and give your health a priority.


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