Sea Moss Uplifts Mood and Fights Blues

Let’s be frank, the unhealthy lifestyles and busy work schedules are making it hard to concentrate on our well-being. Our attitude (or is called neglect?) toward health is driving us into sub-conscious moodiness and depression.

Depression and mood swings weigh heaviliy on our mental and physical health. These change the blood chemisty and mess up the hormones and biological processes. The low levels of happy hormones are essentially responsible for bringing about negative emotions and bad moods. 

To fight these mood swings, sea moss, or Chondrus Crispus, is used as a cure these days. It is a brain-booster with immunity-empowering features. 

The multiple features of sea moss are garnering great attention these days. Its amazing contents alleviate depression and low moods to revamp your overall psychological status. 

Let us peek into the research literature to verify the effects of sea moss on uplifting your moods and fighting the blues. 

Fighting Blues with Potassium & Antioxidants

Sea moss contains a well-proportioned amount of potassium that is an indispensable part of your body’s cellular transport. The incapability of the human body to synthesize its potassium has made it an essential mineral that needs to be taken daily.

When you feel stressed, the potassium level in your blood drops which causes commotion in the at the cell level. The commotion opens gates for mood swings and stress-anxiety disorders. 

The research experts suggest that a daily intake of sea moss keeps the potassium levels well-regulated in your body and bolsters positive energy and mood by increasing the dopaminergic chemicals, also known as your happy hormones.

The environmental factors draw out more stress that further builds up the oxidative stress on your body, causing the reactive oxidative species (ROS) to rise exponentially. They promote depression by decreasing the happy hormones.

Compounds like biotin and lutein, present inside the Irish moss, rescue your body from ROS-induced injury. These compounds have excellent anti-oxidative characteristics that grant you the freedom from the mood swings and emotional blues from your body. 

Final Thoughts

Sea Moss, no doubt, boosts mood and mental happiness but what’s more important is the well-proportioned concentration of essential nutrients to cater to your needs.

Directly blend the prescribed quantity of purified sea moss into the water to prepare the daily nutritious smoothie.

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