5 Ways Sea Moss Benefits Men

You must have read about how sea moss is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, and how it can manage symptoms of anemia, reduced energy levels, and even thyroid conditions.

But today we’ll be talking about how sea moss can be particularly beneficial for men’s health. 

And there are some pretty interesting facts here as well, other than the well-known fact that it is a male aphrodisiac. 

  • Strong and Lean Muscles

Sea moss is extremely rich in protein, with 6 grams of protein per 100 grams. 

It contains the amino acid taurine which helps the body burn fat and builds muscle in men. And during cardio exercises, taurine helps the body burn fat instead of using carbohydrates. 

  • Prostate Health

The main function of the prostate gland is to produce semen. And prostate health depends a lot on sufficient amounts of zinc.

During ejaculation, muscles of the prostate gland discharge semen. This gland contains a high concentration of zinc, which is also essential for male sexual health since it strongly impacts testosterone levels. The latter directly influence the ability of the testes to aid sexual health. 

There are various male sexual enhancement supplements containing zinc that help boost semen volume, normalize sperm morphology, and also aid sperm motility. 

But the zinc in sea moss is completely natural and will improve the strength of the prostate, sperm, and semen without any adverse side effects or complications.

  • Muscle and Energy Recovery

For athletes and bodybuilders, sea moss can play an important role in helping the body recover from exercises, and also help reduce fatigue.

A study published in the Asian Journal of Medical Sciences showed promising results in this regard. Adults, 80 in number, over the age of 40 with musculoskeletal symptoms were given certain types of sea moss. Results showed that the group exhibited reduced fatigue, exhaustion, and even pain. 

This can be attributed to the high levels of total proteins and amino acids present in the plant.

  • Fertility

There isn’t any formal research to support the claims that sea moss helps promote fertility. 

However, sea moss can be included safely in a traditional fertility treatment plan, and some men even claim that it helps boost their sexual capacity and fertility.  

But, more research is required to evaluate this claim.

  • Mental Wellbeing 

Potassium isn’t produced within our bodies. Hence we need it from external sources. A deficiency of potassium causes anxiety, depression, and irritation. 

Sea moss being rich in potassium can help promote optimal mental health and maintenance of emotional wellbeing. This makes it an ideal component in our daily diet, especially in today’s pandemic-ridden world.

Final Thoughts

We’re sure that after reading this, all men out there will want to use sea moss to improve their lives. Browse through our list of wildcrafted sea moss and pick out something you like today!


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