Breaking down Sea Moss Minerals and how they benefit your Health

Sea moss is a natural health supplement that boasts tremendous health benefits. It contains essential nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants that boost immunity, keep infections at bay, improve eye sight, strengthen heart, joints and muscles, and keeps blood glucose and pressure in control.

But how can one supplement be so good that it manages your health from A-Z?

Is it even possible!

Yes, if you regularly consume sea moss, you will notice the difference in your health and wellness but what’s more important is to understand how it benefits your health. What does sea moss have that multivitamins and other supplements don’t?

The secret lies in the list of over 90 minerals naturally packed in sea weed. We are going to breakdown them for you so that you know what each mineral does and how it is good for you.

Now, let’s take a look what they are made of. Typically, here some of the nutrients that are found in sea moss: 

  • Zinc - boosts immune system, supports growth, clears up acne, keeps heart in a good shape, and is good for eyes, hair and nails
  • Calcium - critical for bones, nerves and muscles, protects against cancer, hypertension and diabetes
  • Copper - required for red blood cells, boosts immune system, absorbs iron in body, produces collagen (a type of protein that makes bones and tissues), keeps nerves health and converts sugar into energy
  • Iron - necessary for growth and development, produces haemoglobin, a vital component of red blood cells that carries oxygen in the blood & body
  • Iodine - ensures proper thyroid function (and release of thyroid hormones T3 and T4). Thyroid hormones participate in every function of the body and regulate weight loss, gain, calorie consumption, heart rate and height etc. A lack of iodine leads to several complications including goitre.
  • Potassium - vital for muscle contraction, nerve signals and fluid balance in the body
  • Sodium - balances blood pressure, keeps nerve function proper, regulate muscle contractions and nerve impulses
  • Magnesium - involved in biochemical reactions, fights depression and stress, lowers blood pressure, regulates blood sugar, fights off inflammation
  • Sulphur - critical for DNA, protects cells from damage, metabolizes food, keeps tendons and ligaments flexible and strong, and plays an active role in skin health.
  • Vitamin A - important for normal vision, reproduction and immunity, good for heart, lungs and kidneys
  • Nitrogen - the major component of amino acids that are building blocks of proteins. Without proteins, your body cannot function. Your muscles, enzymes and blood contains proteins that perform important regulatory and biochemical functions.

Impressed, aren’t you? 

We all are. The health profile of sea moss is splendid. So, why not order the quality and reliable sea moss products showcased at Herbal Vineyard today and make the most out of this superfood that is nothing but a gift from nature.


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