How to Prepare Sea Moss

Thanks to technology, particularly the internet, that we now have so much information at our disposal that we could not imagine a couple of decades ago. All of this has made it easier for us to look up the products we need and then find the recipes, preparation methods and hacks.

Now that most of us already know what sea moss is and what makes it so special, people are developing different ways to prepare and use it for their convenience and of course, all this for a better and healthier life.

Sea moss is quickly gaining a lot of attention throughout the world and a lot of new, exciting, and easy-to-make recipes are available as well. There are so many ways to consume sea moss that one can easily adapt or choose how they wish to consume it. 

For example, you can look up various stew recipes that contain sea moss. 

If not, you can easily find out you can add it to your soups as well. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be happy to know that you can also add sea moss to your desserts and make them healthier. 

And if all this isn't simple enough for you, you can add a bit of sea moss to your smoothie and enjoy your favorite drink but only healthier. Now, how simple yet amazing is all that?

As of today, there are lots and lots of ways in which sea moss is available. Over the internet, you will find that sea moss is available in its purest form i.e. raw and then you will find that it's also available in the form of sea moss gel. And if that doesn't convince you and you need a simpler way to consume the goodness, you will be happy to know that sea moss is also available in the form of capsules and tablets.

Now let’s jump to the part where we get to know ‘how to prepare sea moss’.

 Well, you can buy dried (raw) sea moss and prepare sea moss gel right at your home as well and if you’re planning to make it, here you go:

To make sea moss gel, soak your raw sea moss in fresh, drinking water for about 12 – 24 hours. The next day, carefully rinse the weed and put it in your blender. Add a bit of water so that it blends and appears smooth and even. Pour the sea moss solution into some nice and clean airtight mason jar and refrigerate for about the same time (12 – 24 hours). You’ll open your container the next morning to find out that you have successfully made sea moss gel. It’s that simple.

In case that’s too much effort for you, you can always go for the readymade sea moss gel that’s easily available in big box stores and online. You can look around and the one that looks reasonable to you.

Note: Make sure to only buy from a reputable source such as Herbal Vineyard as you would not want to waste your energy, time, and cash over something that’s not right.


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