Can Sea Moss Enhance Mood & Wellbeing?

With the increasingly busy routines and unhealthy lifestyles, it is becoming more and more difficult to concentrate on your health and wellness. The sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle is making people more prone to high-level anxiety and depression which, in return, further deteriorates your well-being. 

These desperate lifestyles require desperate solutions and one such cure is the sea moss, also known as Irish moss or Chondrus crispus. It is a type of red seaweed with brain-empowering and immune-boosting properties. 

The multi-beneficial effects of sea moss are manifesting great results these days. The miraculous contents inside it are also jam-packed with mood alleviating features to improve your overall mental as well as physical wellbeing. 

So, is sea moss that much powerful as to considerably enhance your mood and wellbeing? If yes, then how does it bring about such effects?

Let’s dig out the research-backed literature behind all of this.

Potassium & Bioactive Compounds – The Magical Anti-Stress Ingredients

Sea moss contains a well-balanced amount of potassium chloride which is an essential part of your body’s transport system at the cellular level. The inability of your body to conserve potassium makes it one of those minerals that are essentially required daily. 

Emotional stress causes a decrease in blood potassium level that leads to the disruption of cellular processes. It lowers the happy hormones and endorses distraction, irritability, moodiness, and stress disorders. 

The scientists reveal that a regular dietary intake of sea moss keeps your body from the depletion of potassium reserves and promotes good mood, mental alertness, and efficiency by increasing the mood-elevating dopaminergic chemicals

Moreover, the rich bioactive constituents of the Irish moss are an excellent source of mood-pampering vitamins. These vitamins promote anti-oxidative processes in your body to reduce the stress generated by environmental anxiety. 

The anxiety-stimulating external factors normally increase the oxidative stress on your body that causes the harmful chemicals called the Reactive Oxidative Species (ROS) to increase considerably. This leads to nervous system depression and moodiness. 

Bioactive compounds such as biotin and lutein, present inside sea moss, rescue your body from oxidative stress damage by anti-oxidative features and alleviate the depressive spells produced by the negative environmental stimuli.

That’s why almost every mood-boosting product has phytonutrients and vitamins as the active ingredients. 

Final Thoughts

Sea Moss certainly has proven to improve mood and mental wellbeing but what’s more interesting is its well-balanced quantity of natural constituents that are necessary for serving this purpose. This further justifies its utilization for better brain functioning.

Having said this, you should go through the variety of sea moss products that we have in store for you and try this remedy out for yourself today.



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