Sea Moss and Acid Reflux

You must be familiar with the term acid reflux – that extremely unpleasant sensation which occurs when stomach acid moves from the stomach back up into the throat, and even the lungs.

Basically, there is a cluster of muscles at the end of the esophagus, and when that cluster doesn’t close correctly, acid from the stomach moves back up.

This often causes burning in the chest, which is known as heartburn, usually after a meal or on an empty stomach. 

With all the hype surrounding sea moss, another one of its many health benefitsis that it canreducecontinuing acid reflux. Also, its high fiber content is said to regulate movement of the bowels and reduce complaints of gas and bloating.

So are these claims true? And if so, what makes sea moss such an effective remedy for relieving acid reflux?

Let’s let science do the talking.

Sea Weed and Acid Reflux: the Secret is Alginate

Alginate, a form of fiber present in seaweed, has been associated with relieving the symptoms of acid reflux for years.

What is alginate you ask? It’s a structural polysaccharide naturally found in brown and red algae.

Now what makes alginate effective against acid reflux is its ability to form a ‘raft’. This gel raft serves as a protective barrier, floating on the contents of the stomach and preventing them from escaping. Hence, no acid or digested food particles move into the throat.

Also, alginates help remove pepsin (enzyme which dissolves proteins) and bile acids from the stomach acid, limiting the latter’s harmful effects.

That’s why many commonly used anti-reflux products contain alginates as active ingredients. 

And the best part: experts say that alginates are safe to be consumed during lactation and pregnancy.

Final Thoughts

What’s interesting is that alginates found in different seaweeds have varying physical properties and chemical compositions. This means that only certain types of alginates have the particular anti-reflux producing characteristics. 

That having said, sea moss serves as an incredibly effective demulcent to treat and prevent the symptoms of acid reflux. 

And it’s so very simple to consume: Simply blend together sea moss and some water, and drink this mixture periodically to soothe the lining of the throat and stomach.  

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