Sea Moss is a Wonderful Nutraceutical - Wait, What's a Nutraceutical?


Sea Moss is a spiny sea vegetable harvested for use in dietary supplements and as a thickener in retail foods. We have consumed sea moss for centuries, but it is only now we are starting to understand its health benefits.

It is a rich and healthy gluten-free, vegan source of nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals that you need to take daily. A lack of these nutrients can spell bad news for you.

Apart from being highly nutritious and sumptuous, sea moss is a nutraceutical.

Do you know what a nutraceutical is? Let’s find out.

How is Sea Moss Wonderful Nutraceutical?

Nutraceuticals are biologically active chemical compounds extracted from organic sources. They provide additional health benefits and basic supplement requirements for the body for healthy growth. 

The terms ''Nutrition'' and ''pharmaceutical'' combine to make the term nutraceutical. As the name indicates, nutraceuticals provide both nutritional and pharmaceutical benefits. They help prevent and treat various clinical disorders such as cancer, chronic osteoarthritis, peripheral neuropathies, and thyroid diseases. 

Everyone wants to look young and healthy in this age of cosmetics and skin therapies. Nutraceuticals slow down the aging process with the help of their anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Nutraceuticals for older people with bone weaknesses provide the required calcium and other nutrients for strong bones, and their anti-inflammatory actions help reduce inflammation of the bones and are thus effective in preventing arthritis. 

For diabetes patients, nutraceuticals play an essential part in the management and prevention of neuropathic complications. 

Sea moss is a fantastic nutraceutical due to its prebiotic properties. The gastrointestinal flora of bacteria provides various health benefits by reducing fat accumulation in the body, increasing the metabolism of food, and absorption and secretion of various vitamins. A healthy gut means healthy aging, and a healthy dosage of sea moss can help you maintain it.

How to get a bag of sea moss?

Sea moss is at its finest when it is unprocessed and high-quality. That is precisely what Herbal Vineyard does. They have the most excellent products that preserve the magic and freshness of sea moss. So, place your order today and have your bag of sea moss delivered to your door.


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